12 Things to Include in Your 2017 Spring Cleaning



If you haven’t worn it in over a year, chances are you won’t wear it this year! (unless it is a special occasion piece—don’t toss your wedding dress!). Switch out your sweaters for shorts and put the remaining winter clothes into storage.

Freshen up the yard

This is the perfect time to plant your garden! Fertilize your lawn, weed your planters, and check your sprinkling system! Sweep off the patio and get all the spider webs out of the corners. Don’t forget about your patio furniture! Wash your chairs and tables off after taking them out of storage (it has been a long winter!)

Go through your fridge!

The frosting you have in the corner from decorating Christmas cookies? Time to get rid of that! Beyond throwing out old food, clean the shelves and drawers. Baking Soda is a good way to eliminate those remaining odors.


Deep clean your carpets, rugs, and other flooring. Not only will it look better, but we love the feel of freshly cleaned carpets!

Shower and other tile grout

Soap scum and other build up can occur, especially in bathrooms. Pay special attention to cleaning any mildew in your shower.


Now is the time to get outside the routine. Dust the picture frames that are hung up around the house. Dust the blinds and the window sill (the tracks may need some attention too).


Vacuum underneath your furniture. Take out the cushions (you might even find that long lost treasure- or actual treasure!) and vacuum out any crumbs.

Laundry Room

Lint always seems to end up in every corner and crevice! Mop the floors and pay special attention to the baseboards. All the socks without a match can be tossed out, along with that pile of knick-knacks that have accumulated from the washer and dryer!


Chances are you have kept on top of cleaning your sheets and pillowcases, but spring is a good time to also wash your pillow and comforter! (it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a look at your mattress while you are at it! Vacuum the top to get any little items off, and use a disinfectant). Rotating your mattress can also extend its life, similar to cushions! Give it a try!


It seems tedious, but it will make a huge difference! Spot clean your walls with a damp cloth. Some walls even gather dust, so be sure to use a duster to clean those up!


We know this can seem daunting, but at least the weather is nice, right? Wash out all the dirt that has accumulated, reorganize all the items you have in there, and don’t be afraid to throw things out! This could be a good time to update your storage techniques. Try getting things to put your bikes up on the wall, or get creative in other ways! It might surprise you how much room you actually have in your garage!


Double check your fire alarms to make sure they are in order. If you have kids, remind them of some of your family’s safety plans like what to do in a fire and not to talk to strangers!